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PostSubject: SOLD OUT!!   SOLD OUT!! Icon_minitimeWed Aug 19, 2009 6:12 pm

3 PLY MASK > RM 30per pack
(x tmasuk pos)

> 1pack ada 50kpg mask.
> Mempunyai getah penyangkut
> Buatan Malaysia

Hubungi :
Sani > 013-9053074 (
Azian > 019-4955831 (

Delivery :
- Add RM5 (poslaju)
- Add RM3 (pos domestik)

Stok yg ada skrg :
SOLD OUT!! Mask1r
By yansani

Pandangan depan mask :
SOLD OUT!! Maskdepan
By yansani

Pandangan blkg mask :
SOLD OUT!! Maskblkg
By yansani

Cegah H1N1 sbl terlambat!!
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